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From the Desk of Raamakant S.


Dear Fellow Marketer,

In the next 5 minutes, I am about to announce to you a Breakthrough System that I am sure you have never seen before.

It will help you start earning a nice income each and every day and... the best part is that you need not to pay a single cent to start - and it will take just 15 minutes of your time.

Pay close attention as I am about to reveal to you the secrets of this incredible system. You will be amazed to know that this system is so easy, even a 10 year child could do it.


I Have Made Over 1 Million Dollars in Sales Using This Strategy.

Hi Raamakant, consider this an "Unsolicited" note. I just heard of your site from Jeff Dedrick. I decided to join. I think this is one of the best JV sites to partner with and it uses OTO's.

I have made over 1 Million Dollars in sales using this strategy. In fact, I had a primitive site like this asking people to partner with me to share with my One Time Offers.

After seeing what you have here, it is time for me to force mine into retirement. I will be sending people here when they are looking for a Plug-and-Play way to do OTO's.

I mean this sincerely, Great job! I am truly impressed.

Mike Filsaime

Mike Filsaime did Not receive a promotional copy (and/or other material compensation), in order to facilitate his Honest opinion for this endorsement and is a marketing affiliate for OTOGoldMine.

More Testimonials From Successful Marketers.

First, let me tell you a shocking fact. According to recent statistics, 72% of all online entrepreneurs who own 5 websites, are making less than $100 a month.

Hey, it sounds unbelievable but its true. Their stats looks like this:

Does it Look Familiar?

..It's not because the internet doesn't work, it's because most people haven't found the secret code to unlock its treasure. Hey, if you are like me, you don't want these stats for you. Right?

Do You Want to Change it To This?

Well, today is your lucky day, because you are going to join a breakthrough system that could turn your stats to this, and not only this, but much better than this.


You've Hit a Grand Slam Home Run With This One.

Raamakant --

I love your OTO Goldmine - you've hit a grand slam home run with this one.

Not only have you packaged up one of the most profitable sales techniques used for marketing products and services on the internet, but you've made it so simple that a beginner could do it.

Thanks for coming up with such a useful marketing tool.

Mark Hendricks
Author - Business Coach
Software Developer - JV Expert

Mark Hendricks did Not receive a promotional copy (and/or other material compensation), in order to facilitate his Honest opinion for this endorsement and is a marketing affiliate for OTOGoldMine.

More Testimonials From Successful Marketers.

Does This System Really Work?

The answer is YES. When it comes to money matters, we want real proof. I myself agree with this and I have some real proof for every single individual who is ready to take their online business to the next level.

I launched a website a few months ago using this system. I launched it on the 17th of May at 3:00 PM (IST). I uploaded the page, sent a mailing to my list and shutdown my computer. I had experienced 2 sleepless nights, so I decided not to start my computer until the next morning.

I went to my friendís house and we enjoyed the whole evening. Then I came home and went to bed. I almost forgot about my new site!

The next morning, I started my computer to check my mail. I was totally shocked to know that I made 23 sales of $67.00 (That's $1541 in 18 hours)! I couldn't believe my eyes, so I logged in to my ClickBank account to confirm it.

In all, within 15 days of using this system, I made a sales total of 78 at $67.00 each and orders are still coming in. You can see my ClickBank Stats below.

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After the great success I had with my site by using this system, I started thinking "How can I help my online friends, so that, with a minimum of effort, they can benefit from this amazing system as well?"

From my experience, if you tried to make this system work on your own, it would require a lot of time and hard work. You would need to buy multiple products, create packages, write sales copy, upload everything to your site, setup a payment gateway, and also handle customer support.

As I know that everyone can't be as computer handy as I am, I also know it would be difficult to manage and organize all these things in an efficient manner. So, I decided to set up this system for your use and, finally, after 6 months, I completed it and it is ready for you to use.

Once again, I gave this system a try, to make sure it works for everyone, and you can see the results below:

How This System Works?

Okay, you're probably wondering how this system works. Let me explain it to you.

If You are an Internet Marketer, You're intelligent enough to know that "One Time Offers" are Hot these days. Do you remember a time when you signed up for a free website and just after signup you saw an Incredible offer you couldn't resist to buy. These offers are called "One Time Offers" or "OTO" and it's hidden goldmine of your site.

Now You too can use the hidden power of "One Time Offers" on your site.

By using this breakthrough system you can put Special "One Time Offer" to your website without setting up a sales page, download page, payment gateway and do customer support.

OTO Gold Mine is a completely automatic system. All you have to do is join, FREE of charge, copy a small piece of code, and paste it into your site and you are done. Thatís it! It takes just 15 Minutes of your time and you need not be a "Rocket Scientist" or know any of "Newton's Laws" to use this amazing system.

Using OTOGoldMine System is As Easy As 1-2-3

  • Join for Free and Setup a Campaign from the members area.

  • Copy your Campaign code and paste on your website.

  • You are done! Now this system will do the rest of the work.

It's Really As Simple As That!

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Just Remember, OTOGoldMine.com is NOT:

about setting up a landing page to promote my own products as an affiliate.

about setting up hundreds of web sites to place adsense ads.

about using adword to drive traffic to your adsense site.

some BS Hyped up Junk that will never work for you.

some garbage product that refers you to purchase other garbage products.

a Matrix, MLM, or Pyramid Scheme or anything else like that.

So quit guessing and get the system for FREE.



This is the Best way I've found so far.

I've just got my membership to your OTOGoldmine and wanted to write you to let you know that I'm very impressed with this new product. I wasn't sure what to expect, but was looking for ways to monetize some of my other sites and this is the best way I've found so far.

The OTO's can be used anywhere and are practically written for you. They convert well too!

Great job on a fantastic product. Now I'm on the lookout for more things to offer my niche audience but when I find them I can just plug them right in!

Jason Mangrum, Founder
"Your Guide to Universal Excellence"

Jason Mangrum did Not receive a promotional copy (and/or other material compensation), in order to facilitate his Honest opinion for this endorsement and is a marketing affiliate for OTOGoldMine.


More Testimonials From Successful Marketers.

I Don't Have My Own Website, Can I Profit From This System?

YES, Definitely. We have created a Special Module so that any one who doesn't have a website and is only promoting affiliate programs can also profit from this system.

3 Easy Ways to Make Money With This Amazing System:

You can make money in 3 easy ways with this system. One more Great Thing is that you can use all three ways at once. This means more and more money in your bank account.

Let me explain to you all three methods (Just pinch yourself as it's a reality, not a dream).

1. By Using This System- Join for free, get the code and place it to your website.

2. By Promoting OTOGoldMine - Get your referral URL and make money by promoting OTO GoldMine. Your friends will thank you always for this wonderful system. (In fact this powerful system will automatically promote your referral URL).

3. From Other People's Efforts - It's the Most Powerful way to earn money through this system.
We, as humans, tend to be lazy Ė INCLUDING me. So why not reap the benefits from the hard work of others? With OTOGoldMine you will also get a part of other people's efforts. Login to members area to know more about it.

Sign-up right now without dreaming about this system. You can't think of how worthy this system can be for you.


You Should be Charging an Arm
and a Leg for this System!

Hi Raamakant,

I checked out your system and got pretty excited at the possibilities. I'm not a newbie by any means but I do see value in my business for your system.

There's no doubt that one-time-offers work like gangbusters. The problem is that creating these offers takes time, effort and resources which many people simply don't have.

Your ingenious system allows people to simply make a few selections, paste some code on their site and cash the checks. It really is that simple so you're not dumbing it down. You should be charging an arm and a leg for this system!

Gary Huynh

Gary Huynh did Not receive a promotional copy (and/or other material compensation), in order to facilitate his Honest opinion for this endorsement and is a marketing affiliate for OTOGoldMine.

More Testimonials From Successful Marketers.

JUST IMAGINE...  You Use this FREE System and
Make only $50 a Day. Voila! It's $1500 a Month.

What You Can Do With This Extra $1500?

1. You Could Payoff Your Credit Cards.
2. You Could Buy a Sleek Sports Car or a Bigger House.
3. You Could Save it for Future or Your Child's Higher Education.
4. You Could Completely Payoff Your Mortgage and Become Debt Free.
5. You Could Go for Your Dream Vacation With a Hot Date.
6. You Could ____________________ (Write Whatever You Imagine)

NOW STOP, and ask yourself where will you be in one week if you don't join OTO Gold Mine right now.

Believe me, you don't want to miss this golden opportunity, because you, too, deserve a better future. You can make your dreams true and achieve your goals with OTO Gold Mine.

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This is one of the Coolest Sites
that I have Seen in awhile.

Congratulations! This is one of the coolest sites that I have seen in awhile. I know that is will help hundreds of people to reach their dreams of finally making some money online.

Earlier this year I built lists of over 16,500 people before I put up my first OTO page. I bet that I have lost well over $50,000 this year by not doing it sooner.

You have made this so simple for people to use. No one has to go through the trouble of setting up their own OTO ever again.

After just a few minutes and a couple of clicks I was able to have a complete OTO page that I could start using immediately.

Thanks for the great resource.

Jeff Dedrick

Jeff Dedrick did Not receive a promotional copy (and/or other material compensation), in order to facilitate his Honest opinion for this endorsement and is a marketing affiliate for OTOGoldMine.

More Testimonials From Successful Marketers.

Here is what you need to do next...

Click on the link below, Fill out a short form and you will get instant access to our OTOGoldMine member's area. When you join and visit the member's area, you will discover why so many people are getting
unexpected results and telling others about it.

Try it Once, You Have Nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain.

YES, Raamakant, I want 100% Free Access to your new OTO Gold Mine system right NOW.

  I can't wait to start using this great system.

  I know anyone would have to be flat out insane to pass on this special deal.

To Your Success,

Raamakant S.


More Testimonials From Successful Marketers.
These peopled did Not receive a promotional copy (and/or other material compensation), in order to facilitate his Honest opinion for this endorsement and is a marketing affiliate for OTOGoldMine.


You have made is Dead Simple for Anybody.

Hi Raamakant, I am really impressed.

One time offers are one of the most powerful marketing techniques to come along in ages and you have made is dead simple for anybody to easily create their one time offers page, 404 pages, giveaway offer, and much more.

What an invaluable tool. Keep up the great work!

Jason James


ONE of The Most Profitable Systems
Ever Created For Marketers Out There.

Hey Raamakant,

This is surely ONE of the most profitable systems ever created for Marketers out there without their own One-Time-Offer page or for those who feel difficult coming out with one.

Alright for people reading this, I've just tried it myself and it really can't get simpler than doing these 4 simple steps:

  • Click "Create A Campaign".

  • Click on OTO package you like (it's already prepared).

  • Fill in the redirect link if people choose to continue to the next page.

  • And lastly, put the OTO link into wherever you want to direct your visitors whether it's after signup, buying a product from you and so on.

If you wanna get a short-cut to owning a profit-pulling One-Time-Offer with good copy, then this is for you.

Seth Chong


I'll Bet This Will be a Wonderful Income Stream For Many People...


Wow! Just like you do every time - You have created a great new product and a great new affiliate income stream for all of us!

I am so excited about your new project for two reasons. First, I sent a notice to all my students of my Jet Fighter Internet Training Program telling them to go and get your new offering, because they would get something great, and I wanted my members to see how a real master of internet marketing operates!

And second, My goodness Raamakant, what a conversion rate your site has!

Here in just the first couple of hours, I've gotten notices of $500.00 in commissions from you! I'll bet this will be a wonderful income stream for many people, thanks to you.

The "Just stick in a piece of code" concept where you do all the work was a great idea, and makes it so that any one can easily earn affiliate commissions from you.

Thanks again, for the great program and the great additional way for all of us to make money online. I like what you have done so much that I've actually changed my company home page to feature it!!!


Paul Darby
President Unimax Services


It Will be a Massive Hit Because of the
Huge Potential for Increased Income.

Hi Raamakant,

OTOGoldmine is absolutely brilliant! It truly only takes second to setup a new campaign and the results are instantaneous. I'm very impressed and really looking forward to the launch. I know it will be a massive hit because of the huge potential for increased income.

Simply amazing and very well done! Warm regards,

Eva Browne-Paterson


OTO Gold Mine is Going to Make Everyone Who Uses it A LOT of Money!

Nice job Raamakant!

OTO Gold Mine is super powerful, yet very EASY to use.

I have personally slacked on adding one-time offers to my sites in the past, but thanks to your new system I am finally profiting from this KILLER strategy.

OTO Gold Mine is going to make everyone who uses it A LOT of money!

Jeff Alderson


I Just Wish you Had Brought this out a Year Ago.

Hi Raamakant,

I can't believe how simple you've made this! I know first hand how using OTO's can explode your profits online but you've just made it so much easier!

Usually I'd have to go and find products to sell, get the resale rights to them, write the sales copy and then put up the whole page. Not any more :-)

The best thing is that you don't even need a product or a website to use this! I just wish you had brought this out a year ago, it would have saved me a lot of work and made me a LOT more money.

Congratulations on an amazing site!

Richard Legg


I Can't Stop Thinking about the Endless Possibilities...

Whoa! You've taken OTOs (One Time Offers) to a whole new level!

After going through OTO Gold Mine and learning about your unique "twist" with OTOs, I can't stop thinking about the endless possibilities of where your system could be used on my network of sites.

In fact, I must've *lost* $1,000s in opportunity cost because I've not discovered your system earlier. You can be sure I'll be implementing your OTO concept on my network of sites soon.

Sean Wu


OTO Goldmine is One of The Most Innovative Marketing Resources of 2006!

I had over $100 in sales within the first few hours after putting the oto in place. I love what you've put together!

OTO Goldmine is one of the most innovative marketing resources of 2006.

Anyone doing business online that caters to the Internet marketing field (whether selling their own product, or as an affiliate) will make a killing with this.

Now there's NO excuse for not using One Time Offers. No html experience? No products? No problem!

Thanks for this brilliant service!

Dave Lovelace
Infoproduct Developer
Joint Venture Marketing Specialist


I Wished I Came up with these Ideas!

Well Done!

Your OTO Goldmine membership site is really creative. It is a great membership site that allow members to build their own list and at the same time generate 3 sources of income. I think that incorporating Clickbank products within the membership area is an excellent idea. I wished I came up with these ideas!

Wow! Anyone can join as a member at zero cost to build their list and generate Online income. I'll definitely be recommending OTO Goldmine to my members.

Richard Quek


This is What I Call a Real Moneymaking Goldmine System!

Hi Raamakant,

Now this is what I call a real moneymaking goldmine system! I didn't realize how much money I'm leaving on the table until now.

You have turned useless, "dead" webpages into superpowered cash-generating machines. This is a work of sheer genius!

Michael Lee


"OTO Goldmine" is Unique!"

Hi Raamakant,

I'm a professional webmaster - and guess how long it took me to build my last big OTO? The best part of a day! It would have taken less experienced people much longer than that.

"OTO Goldmine" is unique. I've tested your system thoroughly, and everything works perfectly. That's not something you find on many sites!

I can see no reason why a complete "newbie" can't use your powerful OTO system and set up an OTO in just minutes. There are no longer any reasons why every internet marketer can't start to exploit the power of the OTO.

I'll certainly be recommending all of my Pupils at my Newbies School of Internet Marketing to sign up right away.

Ian Traynor


The Ease of use and the Quality Products Included Make Your System one of my New Best Friends!

Howdy Raamakant!

You've done it again my friend! I have been using this method for quite some time now and it's a daunting task.

The ease of use and the quality products included make your system one of my new best friends!

I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Jeffrey Levesque


You Have Really Created Something Special Here...

Hi Raamakant,

Wow, you've been a busy boy haven't you?

I just wanted to write and tell you how impressed I am with your new OTO Goldmine system. You have really created something special here...

Never before has it been this easy for new and experienced internet marketers alike to set up profit-pulling "One Time Offers" and cash in on this powerful marketing technique.

It took me less than 15 minutes to sign up and copy the special OTO Goldmine code on to just ONE of my websites and my first 3 sales came in almost instantly :o)

Fantastic system Raamakant, I am going to urge all my subscribers to grab a free OTO Goldmine account ASAP before you come to your senses and start charging for it!

Your friend,

Michael Cobb


My Hat Goes off to You my Friend.

Hi Raamakant,

What an amazing idea you have had.

Your OTO Glodmine allows even the most novice of marketers to profit from a powerful One Time Offer. My hat goes off to you my friend.


Mark Flavin


This is a Devilishly Clever System You've Created.

Hi Raamakant,

This is a devilishly clever system you've created.

You've also leveled the playing field by providing every marketer (beginner or veteran) with an effective money-making system, consisting of some powerful marketing strategies which only the top marketers have been using so far.

The cool thing is, you don't even need a product or order-taking site of your own to profit from this setup. Very simple to implement, yet extremely powerful. I like it!

Bryan Kumar
Marketing Shortcuts and Secret Subjects


OTO Gold Mine is Absolutely Amazing ...

Hi Raamakant,

OTO Gold Mine is absolutely amazing ...

I have been impressed with the products you have come out with in the past, and by far this is the most creative system I have seen you come up with yet!

This has potential to take any business over the top. Great job!

Javier Salces


ALL I Could Say Was WOW, And Unbelievable!

Raamakant --

I love what you did Brother!

Guitar? Maybe as I've been playing for 30 years.

But when it comes to making one of those OTO (One Time Offer Pages) With the boxes on the bottom like the no thanks I'll pass and stuff, I'm LOST Raamakant : )

but all I have to do after joining your Free Program is copy and paste the code?

I LOVE IT! Keep Sending Me Stuff, My bank loves you Raamakant........

Roy K. Fielding
Consultant, Editor, Business Coaching


What an Amazing System!!

Hi Raamakant,

What an amazing system!!

It is a truly goldmine for newbies and busy people like me. Now anyone can create a highly profitable OTO in minutes. I canít even imagine how much money and time you saved me. Thank you!

Jorge Delgado


You Have Just Cracked The Code.

Raamakant, THANK YOU so much!

You have just cracked the code that separates the newbie marketers from the successful ones. Internet marketing is all about making sales. With OTO Goldmine you have created an easy tool that allows anyone to have their very own one time offer with high conversion rates.

You have just made it so any marketer beginning or advanced can easily boost their profits by placing a simple code on their web site that you provide and take advantage of these brand new profit centers: 404 Error Page, After signing up for your newsletter, membership registration, newsletter unsubscribe, upsales, giveaway JV's, logout pages, exit URL's and special offers!

Reed Floren


OTO Goldmine Takes all the Guesswork Out.

Hi Raamakant,

I have to tell you, your OTO Goldmine takes all the guesswork out of One Time Offers and puts one of the web's best money-making strategies into the hands of ANYONE with a website.

Now any website getting some traffic can easily profit from your system because it's the easiest OTO solution where your members can go to one place to set everything up with NO COMPLICATED SCRIPTS to worry about.

You offer several OTO Goldmine products to choose from and give the Lion's Share away so your members can start making OTO cash right away. This is a killer win win situation that's so easy to implement, I think you will have no problems getting website owners to get started making money using your OTO Goldmine.

Michael Nicholas
Read The Newsletter The Gurus Read!


Your Wonderful Service Provides Both...

Every Internet marketer needs a great oto and more importantly one that converts well...

Your wonderful Service provides both...

Plus every marketer knows that putting together a one-time-offer is extremely time consuming.... So any new marketer who sees this offer should grab the opportunity with both hands and stop leaving globules of cash on the table. Well done Raamakant.

Sean Storey


It's Simple, Easy and More than Everything Else...

I know for sure that OTO's bring-in tons of sales. If you've not setup OTOs on your websites, you are leaving money on the table.

OTOGoldmine is an amazing system that lets anyone setup any number of these money-making one-time-offers in a jiffy. It's simple, easy and more than everything else... downloads and support is take care by Raamakant. This is an absolute time-saver.

And, Raamakant, thanks for letting me know about the 10 different places I can setup an OTO. I had not thought about these real money-spinners! All the best,

Raam Anand


This is One of the Easiest to Implement Yet Most Brilliant Plans...

Thank you Raamakant, for demonstrating two things to me:

1. You are a brilliant marketer and dedicated businessman.
2. You are a trustworthy JV Partner.

How else can I describe the friend who pursued me with the deed to a "Goldmine" and simply wanted to give it to me...for LIFE? He wouldn't let me pass this up because he didn't want me leaving any more money on the table.

Once I saw its simplicity and power, I immediately picked up and implemented one of his "nuggets", and I will begin "mining gold" from the moment the site goes live. This is one of the easiest to implement yet most brilliant plans for utilizing One Time Offers I have ever seen.

No wonder Raamakant named it "OTOGoldMine". Don't make the mistake I ALMOST did and leave this page empty handed. Grab your "deed"!

Thank you, Raamakant -- for OTOGoldMine and for your persistence.

Bruce Obermeyer


P.S. Will this system work for you? You'll never know unless you signup right NOW before it's too late. OTO GoldMine is a powerful one-of-a-kind system you can actually use to EXPLODE your online profits within 15 minutes of implementing it!

P.P.S. Urgent update: Due to the overwhelming response to this offer, we may have to start charging for this service soon... maybe as early as tomorrow. Don't delay! To lock in your account immediately, Click Here NOW!


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