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Software # 1

Master Resale Rights To:

Easy Poll Creator

Find Out What Your Website Visitors Think, Like, Need & Want! Create Your Own Branded, Fully-Customized, Attractive (Text/Image) Polls, Easily... in Minutes.

Easy Poll Creator Features & Benefits!

  • Create new polls and manage existing polls via a simple Poll Management Area.

  • Create text polls, image polls or text and image polls quickly and easily.

  • Create 3 Types of Polls: Single answer radio buttons, multiple answer check boxes and drop-down menus.

  • Fully Customize and format your polls: Colors, fonts, sizes, borders, paragraphs; everything!

  • Select any of the built-in themes. Use as is, or modify to your liking.

  • Brand your poll by adding your logo/company name to poll headers and footers. You can even link your logo to your website URL.

  • Set a limit on the number of votes per poll, and receive email notifications when the limit is reached.

  • Prevent duplicate/multiple votes by the same voter.

  • Control how poll results are displayed. Poll results could be automatically displayed to voters without the need to refresh the web page. Only the poll area would refresh; dynamic interface.

  • Add and display a post-vote message to voters.

  • Redirect voters to any link/web page you want after they vote. This feature is very powerful. You could direct them to your other websites, to an affiliate product site (with your affiliate link), etc.

  • View summary table of poll results (choice, number of votes, percentage).

  • Download your poll results in CSV format.

  • And Lots More...

Create Amazing Polls for Your Website
Quickly & Easily!

Value: $197.00

Software # 2

Master Resale Rights To:

Pop-In Generator

Skyrocket Sales, Conversions, Sign-Ups to Your List(s) and Click-Through Rate Utilizing Powerful, User-friendly, Unobtrusive and Unblockable
Attractive Multi-Shaped Pop-Ins!

Pop-In Generator is a simple, effective and innovative software breakthrough!

If you're an internet marketer it's time you start thinking and aiming for 0% annoying/online intrusion advertising. The closer you can get to the 0% the more successful your advertising will be.

On the basis of this trend, and as a result of continuously thinking “0% annoying… 0% annoying”, I have found a new advertising solution that is so smooth and beautifully 'undisturbing' you won’t believe.

Introducing... Pop-In Generator!

Generate User-friendly, unobtrusive and unblockable attractive multi-shaped Pop-Ins in 7 Simple Steps!

Some important features include:

  • Setting delay time for Pop-In window before it appears.
  • Duration/speed of the "Content Entrance" effect.
  • If a Pop-In is located in the middle of a page and a person starts reading from the top, the Pop-In will not open until the person scrolls down to it/reaches it.

The Ultimate Solution to Pop Up Windows for
Both Advertisers/Webmasters and Surfers!

Value: $197.00

Software # 3

Master Resale Rights To:

Scratch Card Generator

Draw The Attention of your Website Visitors, Explode Your Opt-In List, Maximize Your Affiliate Commissions, Increase Sales of Your Own Product(s), Gain a Competitive Advantage, Market and Promote Anything You Want Successfully!

What Can You Use Scratch Card Generator For?

  • Increase your website stickiness. People will keep revisiting your website if they know you're always offering them a chance to win valuable prizes and gifts via scratch-n-win cards, or scratch, match-n-win cards.

  • Explode your opt-in list. People will give you their names and email addresses just to participate and scratch that silver layer to see what "surprise" it's hiding.

  • Add perceived value to your free gifts and giveaways! Instead of saying: "Get your free report", You can say: "SCRATCH & WIN $179 report!"

  • Make your opt-in list subscribers reconfirm their subscriptions to your newsletter/ezine! You can have them all "win" a copy of the report, and to download it "enter your first name and email address."

  • Bring awareness to any product you want. Make your website visitors and opt-in list subscribers aware of any product you want. How? By having its image displayed on the scratch cards!

  • Increase your affiliate commissions by running stealth, 'implicit' promotions of affiliate products. Instead of promoting affiliate products in a traditional, straight-forward way, you can "promote" them using scratch cards.

  • Increase sales of your own products!

  • Increase customer satisfaction! Customers are always looking for an extra value in their purchases; chance/opportunity to win gifts and prizes.

One of the Most Effective, Profitable and
Proven Methods of Promotion that
People  Absolutely Love , To...

Value: $197.00

Software # 4

Master Resale Rights To:

Auto-Blog Builder

Add Hot, Fresh, Search Engine Optimized, Keyword-Targeted Blog Content to Your Site Automatically!

Build a Giant Website With Thousands of Pages Instantly - All Real Content! No Spam Pages!

What Is Auto-Blog Builder? Features & Benefits!

  • Generate thousands of keyword-targeted, theme-related content pages.
    Auto-Blog Builder is your automatic website site builder. Build a giant website with 10,000 pages instantly... all real content rather than spam pages.

  • Fetch niche blog content by entering targeted keywords related to your site theme/topic/niche. You can also add RSS xml links manually.

  • Multilingual support! Auto-build websites with multilingual content like: Spanish, German, Italian, French, etc. to take advantage of the growing foreign PPC markets!

  • Auto-Blog Builder is a standalone software. No add on script or code is required! No need to use, Word Press, Movable Type or ANY similar stuff in order to be able to use Auto-Blog Builder.

  • Encourages More Search Engine Spider Visits and Higher Search Engine Rankings! Auto-News Builder increases the frequency of search engine spider visits to your website and improves your search engine ranking.

  • Fully Optimized Internal Link Structure for quick indexing by search engine spiders. The aim is to enhance search engine spiders to crawl more of your web pages within a shorter visiting period of time.

  • Well Structured Categories for quick searching and optimization. Categories are in alphabetical sorted order. Administrator can also change category order as per need.

  • Records are Well Arranged in either there original publishing date or the date of fetching records. This dates can be opt when adding XML links.

  • Previous Posts are arranged in alphabetical order. Post from archives are also sorted in alphabetical order now.

  • Increase Your Affiliate Commissions and Google AdSense Earnings!

Auto-Post The Fresh, Relevant, Keyword-Specific
Content on Your Site Quickly & Easily!

Value: $197.00

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Master Resell Rights To 6 Hot
Software Worth $582.00

Software # 1

Tell A Friend Detonator XL

Boost your subscriber list up to more than 300% by using this unique self destructing Tell A Friend Script!

Imagine having a system that grabs your visitor with an irresistible bonus...... but makes sure that their referred friends gets there before they ever see the bonus downloads.

Tell A Friend scripts are easy to implement, but to date there's not much out there that can determine that your site visitors are not keying in some bogus emails just to get to the bonus page.

If you want to maxed out on the list building potentials of ANY of YOUR websites, then Tell A Friend Detonator XL can perk up you sluggish list in less than 24 hours!

While some have only scratched the surface by using Tell A Friend Scripts to promote their sites... nothing comes close to this... because you see, most of the Scripts available, acts just like any form to email scripts where there's no way to tell if the visitor is keying in real email addresses that will really click on the link.

Adding Fun To The Boring Way Of Telling A Friend!

  Master Resell Rights Included.

Value: $97.00

Software # 2

Word Press Auto Blog Roll Out Script

Blog Your Way to Big Bucks. You really CAN make a life-changing amount of money without even writing a single post automatically!

If you have tried blogging... you will agree that posting your own articles on your blogs every single day may take the **lights** out of you...

Discover how to get your Fully Automated Word Press Blogs running in minutes.

Using our techniques, In just 20 minutes you could...

  • Have a brand new site with constantly updating FREE content...

  • Use the included templates to optimize your Google Adsense CTR and boost your adsense revenues with ease!

  • Enjoy multiple sources of income by promoting affiliates with ease with the included plugin that turns your free content and articles in to income producing text ads!

  • Feel the love search engines will give you due to your optimized site!
    With our techniques your website will be indexed more than the common blog.

  • Stand out with the included bonus flavors.... Don't know any web design or html, no problem. You get to select from 6 color layouts that you can change instantly.

"Automate Your Blog" NO BULL -THIS IS TOO EASY!

  Master Resell Rights Included.

Value: $97.00

Software # 3

Exponential Profit Multiplier Script

Get 2,097,152 Visitors By Every Single Person Who Visits Your Site.

Exponential Profit Multiplier is an easy-to-install traffic generating system that is guaranteed to bring you loads of traffic from every visitor.

The Exponential Profit Multiplier "Tell 2 Friends" web page is designed in such a way that it puts off any attempts of anyone entering fake or their own alternative email addresses into the "Tell 2 Friends" web page. So, you’re sure to get the quality and genuine referrals.

The beauty Exponential Profit Multiplier is that it don’t require you to be a PHP-Guru or any extra ordinary software engineer. It comes with easy and simple to follow step by step instructions.

Now… close your eyes… do your math and imagine how powerful this system can be for your online business.

Uncover a Violent Flow of Viral Traffic!

  Master Resell Rights Included.

Value: $97.00

Software # 4

e-Magic Linker Software

Magically increase the value of your content in a matter of seconds by turning your keywords into Money Making affiliate links and powerfully effective Anchor text.

  • Converts the keywords in your .html, .php, or .txt documents into money making affiliate links and powerfully effective anchor text.

  • Automatically converts your text files to html to make the links clickable.

  • Works Great with XsitePro sites, Article Site Generators, and other Site/Page builders that create static .htm and .html pages.

  • Super easy Interface makes it a snap to use.

  • Can choose to have links open in a new window.

  • Windows based program creates "hard links" that search engine will follow.

  • Can automatically "cloak" the affiliate links created in your pages.

You Can Perform Magic on Hundreds Even
Thousands of Documents in a Matter of Seconds.

  Master Resell Rights Included.

Value: $97.00

Software # 5

Web Page Shrinker

Have You Ever Wished There were a way to Make Your Content Inside an I-Frame Search Engine Readable?

Can you just imagine the possibilities for your Adsense and Content sites if this were possible?

Wish No Longer! A New Software Program Creates a Content Box Like an I-frame with one HUGE difference, It is Search Engine Readable!

This software does not use I-frame code to shrink your content, it uses a little known technique of combining CSS with HTML that produces a search engine readable, scrollable content box that you can customize any way you want.

The Content Shrinker Panel lets you control EVERY aspect of your scrollable box, you can change border styles, colors, backgrounds, fonts, etc..

It's a Must Have Tool to add to Your
Content Page Arsenal!

  Master Resell Rights Included.

Value: $97.00

Software # 6

Competitive Keyword Research Script

Thankfully, there is an Instant Keyword Research Tool that anyone can install and use within mere seconds!

In the time it took you to read the above headline, you could have already installed this simple and supremely effective keyword script and begun your search in HIGHLY PROFITABLE NICHE MARKETS!!

The golden rule of Internet Marketing is to find a hungry market before you create or buy products to sell. If you do not find the proper market, you'll be left with products that nobody wants to buy and you'll waste time and money trying to sell them. Always - Find an interested crowd . . . then give them what they want.

One highly effective way is keyword research. Conducting proper 'Keyword Research' allows you to spot good potential markets quickly and easily. It's the fast track to identifying all those potential 'profit' pots in the marketplace you can fill.

Don't waste another day of wondering how much you can really make if you could just get your idea online!

Finally, Keyword Research Made Easy!

  Master Resell Rights Included.

Value: $97.00


That's A Total Value Of: $582.00

You Also Get These Power
If You Act Now!


Master Resale Rights To:

Desktop Adsense Cash Machine

Cutting Edge Desktop Robot Automatically Finds Articles, Builds Content Rich Adsense Sites With Them, And Even Uploads The Completed Sites To Your Server!

Here's just some of what Desktop Adsense Cash Machine Will Do For You…

  • Simple & Sleek To Use -  You'll be building your first site just minutes after opening it!

  • You Pick A Subject And You Get Articles - Desktop Adsense Cash Machine will go out and hunt down articles on the subject you choose automatically!

  • Super Fast Site Builder - After you have all the articles you need, the super fast site builder portion of the program will put together a smoking hot website for you in just seconds.

  • Auto FTP Sleuth -After Desktop Adsense Cash Machine finds your articles and creates a website, it will log into your web server and upload it for you!

  • Full Control Of Your Sites - You simply load up a template into the software and it will create all of your pages using your template.

  • Turbo Speed Functionality - This Desktop Robot works at lightning speed.

  • Stable, Top Secret Performance - It include all of the tools you need.

Until now, it's required hundreds of hours of technical work and complicated systems to make any money...

The New Adsense Cash Machine Is Literally So Simple A Child Can Run it... Maybe It's Time To Put The Kids To Work!

Value: $197.00


Master Resale Rights To:

Article Content Spinner

Never Worry About Duplicate Content Penalties Again!

This Breakthrough Software Will Give You A Never Ending Stream Of Original Content To Pull In Search Engine Visitors and More Sales!

You can take your current PLR articles and spin one article into 100 articles in no time flat with this amazing new software!

Here are just a few of the smoking hot features you'll get access to...

  • Simple As Pie Interface - You won't be wondering what to do or how to use this system because it's so easily laid out that a 10 year old could use it.

  • True Point & Click Content Creation - You load an article and it gives you a bunch of options for customizing and personalizing the article.

  • Never Worry About Duplicate Content Again! - Article Content Spinner is going to create loads of unique, original content for you to serve up to the search engines.

  • Readable, Well Flowing Articles And Content - Article Content Spinner creates beautiful flowing content that is a pleasure for your visitor to read.

  • Extreme Control - You approve or deny each change that is made to your articles to make sure that they make sense and are readable to the search engines and your visitors.

  • Create Articles Super Fast - You can spin an article in just a few seconds and a couple of clicks and you'll have an original piece of content ready to serve to search engines and visitors.

  • Versatile Options - You can load your content from a text file, a website URL or just copy and paste it into the system.

Easily Turn Any Content You Have Into A Brand New Original Article With This Simple To Use Push Button Software!

Original Content That Attracts Visitors To Your Site Is Only A Few Mouse Clicks Away!

Value: $197.00

But Wait........There's MORE...


Resell Rights To 2 More Hot Software

Split-Test Profits

Finally!.. A Simple Way For You To Eliminate All Guess Work And Easily Increase Your Web Site Profits By Up To 243%!.. So Easy, A Child Could Do it!

— Amazing New Software Makes It A Point-And-Click Process!

The Split-Test Profits Automation System is a new software program specifically designed to increase your web site's conversion ratios with incredible ease.

This system will let you completely automate the entire split-testing process, giving you full statistics to that you know without a doubt what is making you money and what isn't.

Value: $97.00

JV Affiliate Manager

Here's The Easiest Way For You To Set Up, Track, And Automate Virtually All Aspects Of Your Joint Venture Marketing Campaigns!

— Don't Do Another Joint Venture Without This!

JV Affiliate Manager is a software program that is installed on your server. It will track and manage all of your joint ventures for you without you lifting a finger.

Now you don't have to go it alone. JV Affiliate Manager will automate virtually all aspects of managing your joint venture partners.

Value: $97.00

You Also Get These.. If You Act Now!

Traffic Strategies Revealed:
How to Bring A Flood of Targeted, Responsive Buyers To Your Site...Continuously!

Value: $99.96

This ebook reveals only the best-of-the-best traffic strategies that are easy to set up, quick to profit from, and continue to work for you long after you put them into place. Automatic profits really is possible when you follow the strategies revealed in this powerful manual.

"Everything a person needs to know
to get 'buying' traffic is in here."
- Allen Says

  How To Create Hot & Profitable Products, FAST!

Value: $99.96

This guide reveals how the experts are able to create one hot product after another -- quickly and easily. It shows you how to cheat your way through the entire product-creating process, from beginning to end. There's no faster way to create a line of your own hot products anywhere!

"I got so many instant 'product
creating' ideas that I can't
decide which one to do first!"
- Tom Gates

Email Strategies Explained:

How To Easily Build & Profit From Your Very Own List!

Value: $

Email marketing is still one of the fastest, easiest and FREE ways to make a fortune on the Internet. This step-by-step guide shows you exactly how to build a highly targeted, responsive list and profit from it massively - without ever getting in trouble!

This is an eBook every newbie must have before they start selling on the Internet.
- Allen Says


Internet Riches In 30 Days:

A Step-By-Step, Paint-By-Numbers Approach To Making Money Online

Value: $

Imagine having no money to start with, and no prior marketing experience. This manual shows how anyone can come to the Internet and go from zero to profits -- and start earning a solid income within just 30 days!

"If I only had this ebook when I was starting out. It would have saved me years of mistakes and dollars!"
- Gary Cooper

Autoresponder Cash Machine:

Make Money While You Sleep!

Value: $

Few people have harnessed the true money-making power of the super autoresponder. This guide explains how to put almost 90% of your moneymaking system on autopilot! Do less and make more profits! A lot more!

"Snag a copy of (this book) and don't look back... goes beyond the 'norm'..."
- Teresa King


There's Even MORE...

4961 Internet Marketing Words And Phrases That Sell Like Crazy!

It is a collection of hundreds of words and phrases that you can use in your online business to sell your products.

($47.00 Value)

8605 Niche Marketing Words And Phrases That Sell Like Crazy!

Easy to follow words and phrases that make you sell your product. It contains hundreds of emotion triggering words which make people to buy your products.

($47.00 Value)

1079 Online Auction Words And Phrases That Sell Like Crazy!

Want to explode your auction sales. Then you must have this book to let your auction sales be exploded.

($47.00 Value)

Business Goldmine: 100 Profitable Business Models!

It contains the ways to make you earn money by showing you different models to do so. This book keenly guides to earn bucks through your publication, e-mail newsletter etc by various easy to follow steps. It’s really a must for starting any online business.

($29.95 Value)

Wealth Revealed: 100 Sizzling Business Strategies!

A one in all book to let you persuade your visitors to buy from your site. Hundreds of Tips that you can apply to make your site earn money for you.

($29.95 Value)

Buying Triggers: 100 Mind-Altering Selling Tools!

Buying Triggers let you trigger your customer’s mind to buy your product. It gives you numerous ways to make your product to be sold out in easy to follow steps.

($29.95 Value)

Copywriting Gems: 100 Amazing Advertising Tips!

Focused on your need to make your visitors turns into customers. It is a Compiled book of superb ideas that make you sell your products with addition to backend products.

($29.95 Value)

Headlines Exposed: 100 Hypnotic Headline Templates!

The foremost thing for make you sell your products is your hypnotic sales page. Not the sales page but the Headline which urge reader to get an idea of what your product is all about. This book contains really hypnotic headlines which make your sales page revealing.

($29.95 Value)

Six-Figure Secrets: 100 Powerful Promotion Tactics!

Well all of us dream to earn a six figure income. Read this book and came to know the amazing promotion tactics that turns your dreams into reality.

($29.95 Value)

Little Money Makers: 100 In-Demand Niche Markets!

Guides to let you know what are the hot niche markets that make you earn dollars. It gives you an idea of the niche markets which are at the top.

($29.95 Value)

Marketing Riches: 100 Killer Marketing Secrets!

It teaches you the marketing tips which you can apply in your online business. The simple tips which are known by all but not applied by each one of us.

($29.95 Value)

Million Dollar Deals: 100 Joint Venture Marketing Ideas!

Want to know the ideas behind successful joint venture. The answer is thorough marketing by all possible ways. This book let you know what the different ways to market your product are.

($29.95 Value)

Money Bombs: 100 Explosive Revenue Campaigns!

Know the tactic to sell your product like an explosion. A book devoted to let a novice learn the easy tips for a successful online business.

($29.95 Value)

Profit Tricks: 100 Magical Income Streams!

A book which guides you to a way that make you earn a handful amount of money. It contains the tricks which you can follow to set your business in a nice way.

($29.95 Value)

Selling Principles: 100 Super Success Formulas!

Proven formulas to explode your sales. It contains 100 super selling principles which you can apply to sell your products.

($29.95 Value)

Super Fast Products: 100 Info-Product Generators!

Want to know the powerful strategies behind a successful e-business. It is a book that give you ideas to sell your product fast just like a super express.

($29.95 Value)

Income Blueprints: 100 Sure-Fire Profit Plans!

An all in one guide to help you giving tips on making sales, promoting your product, what to do to make your customers repeated one.

($29.95 Value)



I Haven't Finished Yet!

Resell Rights To 3 More Hot eBooks

Resale Rights!

Explosive Product Launch

Listen In As I Show You Step By Step The Methods I Use To Successfully Launch My Online Products To An Audience That I Can Guarantee Will Buy From Me..

..And Learn How You Can Get Access To Them Too.

  • A full 4 week start to finish, step by step launch guide for your products.

  • 3 list building and lead generation mistakes of the online marketing newbie.

  • 6 methods of successful post launch day promotion.

  • 6 aspects of a successful pre-launch.

  • How to almost never run out of prospects to promote to for free ever again.

  • And Lots More...

Value: $47.00

Resale Rights!

The Truth About Backend Sales

How I Increased My Only Profits 10 Fold In Just 15 Days By Discovering The *Whole* Truth About Backend Sales.

Have you ever caught yourself thinking that maybe, just maybe if you had a big enough list and enough people to promote to, building a new successful business every few months wouldn't too much of a problem?

Well you'd be right, and it's far easier than you may think to get your hands on this type of promotion power. I'm going to show you 5 methods of doing so that won't cost you a cent.

Value: $47.00

Resale Rights!

Pricing Strategies Revealed

Discover How I Increased My Sales By 965% In 14 Hours Just By Increasing My Prices And Learn How You Can Do This Too..

Because of this one simple fact, my profits immediately, and to this date have been multiplied by 10 times! All at a cost of oh.. lets see.. 60 seconds of my time per day. That's a pretty painless way to get yourself such a significant increase in the size of your monthly paycheck.

Discover how I increased the sale price of my first product by ten times and still made four times more sales than I had at the lower price. Are you charging too little for the products you put your all into creating?

Value: $47.00

Plus... Just Added:

Adsense Revenue Exposed (Master Resell Rights)

Learn how you can quickly and easily generate residual profits from Google Adsense, month after month!

Now You Can Open Endless Income Streams With Google Adsense. You Don't Have To Be An Internet Marketing Expert To Start Making Serious Money From Google Adsense!

The Secret Of Partnering With Google And Watching The Money Pour In!

Value: $47.00


Mining Gold From eBay (Master Resell Rights)

Finally Revealed: The secrets insiders use to earn the big bucks with online auctions!

Start Your Own eBay Empire, Sell Dozens Of Items Each Day And Claim "Superseller" Status With The Tips, Tricks, And Tactics Only The Pros Use.

  • All You Need Is Your Computer And Internet Connection to get started.

  • Start Part Time Or Full Time.

  • Sell To Anyone Who Has An Internet Connection.

Value: $47.00


Newbies Guide To Make Software (Master Resell Rights)

Finally Revealed: The secret of creating custom software for niche markets that NEED your products.

It'll Teach You How To Start Cranking Out Custom Software That Sells Like Crazy - Without Ever Writing A Single Piece Of Code. Start Generating Wild Profits Creating In-Demand Custom Software.

  • Unlimited marketplace and thousands of hot niches.

  • Cheaper than ever before.

  • You don't have to know how to write code.

Value: $47.00


Bloggers Guide To Profits (Master Resell Rights)

Harness The Power Of Blogging To Mass-Market Your Sales Message To Thousands Of (Loyal) Readers Who Build Your Sales Base From The Ground Up.

Smart Business Owners Are Using Blogs To Promote New Ventures, New Products, Establish Customer Relationships And Make Lots Of Money In The Process.

If You're Not Blogging, you are literally throwing away thousands of dollars. Find out how you can supercharge your business with blogs.

Value: $47.00

Ghostwriters From The Inside Out (Master Resell Rights)

Who else wants to pass the task of information product creation on to A professional ghostwriter who can bust out quality pages faster than you can keep up with the orders that are flying in?

Now you can quickly and easily hire someone else to start busting out information products for you to start raking in the profits.

Learn the secrets pros use to hunt down "Mysterious" (But Talented) ghostwriters to research, write, and proofread their Info products and crank out Profit generating info products.

Value: $47.00


Podcasting Made Easy (Master Resell Rights)

Who Else Wants To Break Into The Ground Floor Of The Podcasting Industry? A Brand New Arena That's Tapped And Ready To Start Pouring Out Profits Like Niagara Falls!

Discover How You Can Start Raking In The Profits That Are Spilling Out Of The Podcasting Industry! Now You can also Produce Podcasts Like A Pro (Even Though You've Never Done Anything "Techie" In Your Life!)

You Don't Have To Be A Recording Artist Or Computer Expert To Produce Your Own Podcast!.

Value: $47.00

PC Safety 101 (Master Resell Rights)

See How Easily You Can Remove The Hacker Filth That Slows Down Your PC, Sends Your Private Information To Sleazy Computer Criminals, And Threatens To Destroy Your Machine!

You Don't Have To Be A Computer Expert To Build A Virtual Wall Of Protection Around Your PC!

Finally Restore Your PC Back To It's Original, Pre-Infection Condition!

Value: $47.00

Offline Marketing Strategies (Master Resell Rights)

Are You Ready To Boost Your Business (And Profits) To A New Level With The Proven Advertising Tactics You've Been Ignoring?

The Truth is: You Don't Have To Be An Advertising Expert To Start Promoting Your Business In Print, TV Or Radio!

See How Easily You Can Have People Waiting In Line To Visit Your Website With "Real-World" Advertising!

Value: $47.00 

Underground Outsourcing Strategies
(Master Resell Rights)

Has Your Online Business Turned You Into An Internet Marketing Hostage?

If You're Tired Of Being A Slave To Your Business, Let Me Show You How You Can Quickly And Easily Set Yourself Free And Profit Like Never Before...

...While Letting Someone Else Do All Of The Work For You!

Value: $47.00 

Ezine Marketing Magic.

Every marketer needs to learn how to run their own profitable ezine. I'm sure you've heard almost every "guru" say the same thing over and over again... "The real money is in the list". By creating your own email list, you'll always have a readily accessible source of easy income.

This step-by-step guide helps people boost their online profits by running their own successful newsletter or ezine. This detailed course even shows people where to get free content, where to announce their ezine and resources for exchanging newsletter ads!

Value: $47.00

How to Start Your Own Highly Profitable Internet Membership Web Site.

Subscription based membership websites are on the rise BIG time. There's an overwhelming amount of information out there, and people don't want to be bothered sorting through it all. People will gladly join a members only website, and that's why you see them popping up all over. Now's the perfect time to catch this wave, and ride it all the way up!

This course that will help you create, build and launch your own highly profitable paid membership web site. Now you can become part of the fastest growing trend in online income today, paid content!

Value: $47.00

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There's Even MORE Still...

Additional Bonus #1

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